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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1 in 8 women in the United States may develop breast cancer.

Here are a few ways you can support a loved one with breast cancer:
  • Send them a note to let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Allow them to express their feelings and talk about their experiences and struggles.
  • Offer to help with chores that they may need help with such as cleaning, laundry, meals, transportation and more.
  • Assist them in finding a support group.
  • Ask how you can help them. Your loved one may not know what they need at the moment but asking them lets them know you are willing to help.
  • Respect your loved one’s decisions.
  • Nausea is often a side effect of chemotherapy. You can help your loved one with nausea by suggesting small meals throughout the day, hard candy, and eliminating all smells in their home.
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments often make your loved one fatigued. Allow them to rest as needed. Encourage them to drink fluids even when they don’t feel like eating.


The American Cancer Society states the screening guidelines for women at average risk are:
  • Women between 40 and 44 have the option to start screening with a mammogram every year
  • Women between 45 and 54 should get mammograms every year
  • Women 55 and older can switch to a mammogram every other year, or they can choose to continue yearly mammograms.
  • Women at higher risk should be screened more often.


How are you going to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

  • Schedule you’re screening.
  • You can wear pink to celebrate.
  • Take a moment of silence to think about the people currently fighting breast cancer, the survivors and the ones who lost their battle against breast cancer.
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