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Assisting Clients with Visual Impairment or Blindness

Visual Impairment and Blindness can cause daily activities to be very challenging. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks for helping your loved one manage their vision loss while still maintaining their independence.


General Tips:
  • Keep a daily routine. 
  • Allow for as much independence as possible. 
  • Use adaptive devices such as large print phones, calendars or clocks. Allow them to use a magnifying device to help see print. 
  • Use contrasting colors to make objects easier to see. 
  • Take advantage of local resources like support groups. 
  • Speak clear and effectively. Be descriptive and specific in your directions. Instead of telling them “the red sign”, tell them “turn to the right and take 12 steps”. 
  • Use audiobooks or reading devices to assist with reading or listening to books. 
  • Make sure all emergency contacts are written large and clear. Make sure the numbers are also programmed into the phone for easier access. 


In the Home:
  • Keep furniture and other objects in familiar places. Try not to rearrange furniture often. 
  • Use contrasting colored tape on stairs to help them see each step. 
  • Remove any fall hazards.
  • Allow for natural light throughout the day but try to avoid a glare or reflective lighting. 
  • Keep chairs pushed in and out of the walkway. 


Create an Organized Environment:
  • Label everything! Use textured labels either with letters or braille to allow them to feel what they are looking for. 
  • Label all medications or assist them with using a weekly medication tray with textured letters. 
  • Mark toothbrushes or other important items such as glasses with rubber bands or other tactile aids. 
  • Use brightly colored index cards to label objects around the kitchen. You can also use textures letters for items like canned goods to help identify. 


In the Kitchen:
  • Encourage self-feeding but ensure foods are cut into bite size pieces.
  • Describe the food on the plate and where each food is located on the plate. 
  • Store knives in old paper towels rolls so that they don’t accidentally touch the sharpened edge of the blade. 
  • Place textured stickers on buttons like the microwave, dishwasher or washing machine to help your loved one know which button to push for each system. 


Our Caregivers can assist your loved ones with Visual Impairment or Blindness. If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services, please contact the caring staff at Home Care Plus today. Call us at (843) 628-3642.

We provide quality Home Care for seniors and families in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, James Island, Johns Island, Daniel Island, Goose Creek, North Charleston, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, and Seabrook Island. 

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