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Checking In with Our Loved-Ones

It has been an unusual year for all of us it has become more important than ever to check in on loved ones of all ages and proximity in our lives. A simple check in with seniors or aging loved ones can go a long way in brightening their day. Also, checking in on someone regularly allows you to monitor their physical and mental health.

When you do contact someone—whether on the phone, an online call, or in person—we have got tips on the best ways to inquire about how they are doing without simply asking, “How are you?”

By asking these types of questions, you expand the possibilities for how they can answer and show a greater interest in the whole person. Start your next conversation with one of these questions and see where it takes your relationship and feeling of connection:

  1. What was your favorite moment of the day so far?
  2. What have you been reading/watching/listening to lately?
  3. Is there anything you wish you would or could have done more of today?
  4. How are you feeling today compared to yesterday (or last week)?
  5. What’s your favorite thing in your home?
  6. Have you developed any new habits lately that bring you joy?
  7. Has anything made you smile today?
  8. Can I do anything to make your day easier or better?
  9. What would you like to be different tomorrow?
  10. Is there something you are looking forward to doing soon?
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