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October Newsletter: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Check out our October newsletter for tips on how to reduce your risk of getting breast cancer, fall prevention, how to deal with a snoring spouse, a line-up of great local events and more!

Click here to read our October newsletter.

We Are Walking to End Alzheimer’s!

Please support our team as we “walk to end Alzheimer’s” during the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2017 Walk on Sept 16th. We are raising money to support those suffering from this disease as well as to fund life-saving research. Join our team for the walk on the 16th!

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Check Out Our May Newsletter!

Our May newsletter has great information on getting your summer garden started, local events in Charleston this month, info on Older Americans Month and much more! Click here to read our newsletter.

November Newsletter: Giving Thanks

Our November newsletter has great information on diabetes and breast cancer prevention, as well as upcoming local events! Click here to read our November newsletter!

September Newsletter: Functional Fitness

Our September newsletter has great information on staying active as you age, preparing for natural disasters, local events for the month and more! Check out our newsletter here.

August Newsletter: Goodbye Summer!

Alter Mann hat Kreislaufprobleme und kühlt den Kopf mit feuchtem Tuch

Our August newsletter has the latest on Zika in the U.S., ideas for local seniors to beat the heat, info on ADLs and why they are important, and so much more! Click here to read our August newsletter!

Family Caregiving: Parkinson’s Disease

Illustration of doctor's desktop with different pills, capsules, statoscope, syringe, blue folder with label 'Parkinson's Disease'

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disorder where neurons in the brain that control movement, coordination and even cognition stop working properly and eventually die. The disease progresses over time and there is currently no cure, although certain medications can help manage symptoms. According to The Family Caregiver Alliance, Parkinson’s is most common in people over 60 years old, although it can strike earlier. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include the development of tremors, loss of balance and coordination, stiffness and slower movement.

Dealing with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s can be very emotional, not only for the person affected by the disease, but for close loved ones as well. It is important to arm yourself with as much information on the disease as possible and to discuss your future care needs with your physician and loved ones who will be providing care. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation offers tips on their website for caregivers, along with useful information regarding the disease’s progression, symptoms, possible treatments, and more.

Suffering From Caregiver Burnout? We Can Help!

Woman Comforting Senior Man With Depression

Woman Comforting Senior Man With Depression

Caregiver burnout can manifest itself in different ways, but most of the signs can mimic those of depression. If you are losing interest in your once-loved hobbies, bailing on evenings out with friends on a regular basis, or experiencing any of these complaints on a regular basis, it might be time to seek help. Talk to friends, loved ones or your doctor about your feelings, and seek out help. Whether it be asking more help from siblings in the care of your elderly parents or hiring an in-home caregiver for a certain number of hours a week, addressing your own needs will ultimately help you better care for your loved one.

September Newsletter: Hello Fall!



Our September newsletter has helpful tips on getting more fruits & veggies in your diet along with a listing of local farmer’s markets where you can get the freshest produce and support your local farmers! It also features information on why it might be time to hire in-home care, gardening and lawn tips for fall, local events and much more! Click here to read our September newsletter.

Our July Caregiver of the Month is Kendra G!

Kendra G

Home Care Plus would like to recognize Kendra G. as the July Caregiver of the Month.  Kendra has been with us for almost two years and has been a great asset to the Home Care Plus team.  She works with a variety of clients, including hospice and acute care.  She has risen to the occasion each and every time and is loved by all the clients she visits.  We are so happy she is part of the Home Care Plus team!

Congratulations Kendra!