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February Newsletter: Your Heart Health!

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How “heart smart” are you? Check out our February newsletter to find out your risk for heart disease, a recipe for heart healthy salmon, recommended reading, tips on battling dry skin and much more!

Spinal Cord Injuries on the Rise in the Elderly

According to a recent John’s Hopkins study, more spinal injuries are due to falls than car crashes. This study highlights the importance of taking fall prevention for the elderly seriously, especially because there is a higher mortality rate with these types of injuries. For more information, read the article Falls Top Car Crashes as Leading Cause of U.S. Spinal Injuries.

Communicate More Effectively with Someone with Alzheimer’s

The physical, mental and emotional changes that Alzheimer’s brings can make communicating with someone with the disease challenging. This Healthday article offers helpful tips for improving your communication skills: Communicating with Someone with Alzheimer’s.

Flu Activity is on the Rise Across the U.S.

It’s not too late to get your flu shot! The elderly are at increased risk for complications from the flu.

Read this Healthday article to learn more.

January Newsletter: Happy New Year!

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Our January newsletter is filled with tips on identifying depression in the elderly, how to stick with your resolutions, recommended reading and much more! Click here to read our January newsletter.

Caring for Someone with Early Stage Alzheimer’s

It is important to know what types of behaviors and changes to expect as the disease progresses. Planning for the future is critical at this stage of the disease. Click here to read the  Alzheimer’s Association’s Early-Stage Caregiving article for helpful information on how to deal with the changes that inevitably accompany this disease.

Why Yoga Should Be on Your List of Resolutions This New Year

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Yoga has proven benefits for improving strength,  flexibility, balance and posture, all of which can be problem areas for aging adults. Physical advantages aside, yoga offers a slew of mental health perks as well, but finding the right form of yoga is key. Relaxation, reduced anxiety and lower stress levels are reported side effects, but certain forms of strenuous yoga might make it harder to experience these benefits. The article, “What Yoga Can and Can’t Do for You” on offers helpful tips on how to get the most out of yoga.

Keep This in Mind for your End-of-Year Giving

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 44 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. You can make a difference now! Visit their website and have your donation matched!

Live At Home Longer Despite Dementia Diagnosis

Home Health Care

Would you like to help your loved one with dementia stay in their own home as long as possible? The article, Simple Steps Could Keep People with Dementia at Home Longer: Study from offers helpful tips on making their home safe and addressing their health needs, which can keep them in the comfort of their home and out of a nursing facility.

December Newsletter: Get More Out of Your Holiday Visit



Our December newsletter has great information on preventing the flu, checking in on your loved ones during the holiday season,  unique gift ideas and much more! Click here to read the December newsletter.