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Tips for Managing Diabetes During the Holidays!

The holidays present us with temptations around every corner–and if you have diabetes it can be especially challenging to keep your blood sugar in check. Here are some great tips for having a happy and healthy holiday! Read Roper St. Francis’ health tips here.



Support Buy Local Month!

Tomorrow marks the start of Buy Local Month, an initiative of Lowcountry Local First that aims to support small business owners and the local community. Shop local and your dollars stay local and what better time of year to keep this in mind than the holidays. Local businesses reinvest 3 times more money in the local economy! You can find a list of Lowcountry Local First business partners here.

November Newsletter: Giving Thanks

Our November newsletter has great information on diabetes and breast cancer prevention, as well as upcoming local events! Click here to read our November newsletter!

Environmental Exposures to Certain Chemicals and Breast Cancer

More and more research is finding a connection between environmental exposures to certain chemicals and an increased risk for breast cancer. Visit the Breast Cancer Fund’s website to learn more about reducing exposures and lowering your risk for breast cancer.

We hope you stayed safe and dry during Hurricane Matthew!

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is a great resource for getting critical information as the Lowcountry recovers from Hurricane Matthew. For road closures, power outages, safety info and more click here:

Interesting Research on How Brains “Age”

Have you ever wondered how to stay sharp as you age? Or why some people seem more susceptible to cognitive impairment or memory loss than others? New research into “super agers” sheds some light on the subject. The study “Youthful Brains in Older Adults: Preserved Neuroanatomy in the Default Mode and Salience Networks Contributes to Youthful Memory in Superaging” published September 14th in the Journal of Neuroscience discusses findings that show brain size and thickness, which can shrink with age, is often comparable in ‘super agers’ to those decades younger.

September Newsletter: Functional Fitness

Our September newsletter has great information on staying active as you age, preparing for natural disasters, local events for the month and more! Check out our newsletter here.

August Newsletter: Goodbye Summer!

Alter Mann hat Kreislaufprobleme und kühlt den Kopf mit feuchtem Tuch

Our August newsletter has the latest on Zika in the U.S., ideas for local seniors to beat the heat, info on ADLs and why they are important, and so much more! Click here to read our August newsletter!

July Newsletter: Beat the Heat

Our July newsletter has great information on how to protect yourself from heat-related illness, tips for getting siblings to share in the caregiving responsibilities, local events and activities and more. Click here to read our July newsletter!

Great Article Highlighting the Growing Trend Towards Aging in Place

The article, More Older Americans Cared for at Home, discusses the growing desire of American seniors to receive in-home care for their chronic health conditions. Many make this choice in lieu of living in a nursing home, but it doesn’t come without hurdles. Financial concerns and family caregiver burnout are two huge obstacles that must be overcome in order for many seniors to age in place.

For more information on home elder care, visit the