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US Officially Rejoins Paris Climate Accord

In an effort to continue to fight climate change, President Joe Biden rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement. This comes four years after former President Trump withdrew from the Agreement. President Biden said, “We can no longer delay or do the bare minimum to address climate change. This is a global existential crisis, and all of […]

Preserving Family History

If you are looking for a meaningful project during quarantine to do with your loved ones, a video history of your family could be just that project. Using resources like or will make it easier for you and you loved ones to research. Each family has a history unique to its members and […]

Changes in Prescriptions: What to Watch

Seniors often take a multiple prescriptions. As we age, medications for high blood pressure, heart problems, or for illnesses such as cancer or diabetes may be needed. When any type of change in the medication pattern, it’s a good idea for you or a family member to make note of the date of the change, […]

Flu Numbers at Historic Low

A small silver lining of the current pandemic is that this year’s flu numbers are at an all-time low in South Carolina. According to DHEC, the total number of cases so far this year is 77. Compared to this time last year, the total number of cases was over 4,000. Health experts credit the precautions […]

Managing Pain in Seniors

As we age, our bodies just don’t work the way they did when we were younger. And for some, pain becomes more and more of an issue in our daily lives. Just as a medical professional does, ask your elderly family member to learn to assess their pain level on a one to 10 scale. […]

Caring for Difficult People

Many elderly people may experience dementia or other emotionally challenging behaviors as they age. Alzheimer’s patients or those with depression also often have behaviors that make it challenging to provide care. Sometimes he or she may speak aggressively or make combative statements. There may be confusion or frequent mood swings. His or her judgment or […]

Vaccine Update

In a statement last night, President-Elect Joe Biden announced his plan to administer 100 million Covid-19 vaccines by his 100th day in office. This is part of his “America Rescue Plan”, where he intends to distribute up to $1.9 trillion to help relieve the pressures caused by Covid-19. Biden says that getting Covid under control […]

President Donald Trump Concedes

In a press conference on Thursday, Jan. 7, President Donald Trump officially conceded to President-Elect Joe Biden. This comes after Congress officially certified the Electoral College votes. The President stated that he will work to insure a peaceful transition of power from his administration to President-Elect Biden’s. For more, see the following link:

Building Confidence After a Fall

One of our most common things to watch for when caring for seniors is falling. When it comes to senior loved ones, often they are at greater risk for serious injuries which could result in a prolonged rehabilitation process. Not just that, but there is a lesser-known complication that often times comes from an older […]

Covid Relief Checks

The Covid Relief checks have been approved for $600. They have already begun being distributed. You can visit the IRS website for updates for your check. Most people will receive them automatically, but you may need to fill out additional forms to get yours. Again, check the IRS website for more details.

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