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How Do You Keep An Aging Loved One Engaged?

Has your loved one recently moved in with you or into a nursing home? These are huge changes for everyone involved that will take time to adjust too. Learning to respect each other’s space and finding new roles to fill (especially for the one moving) will require flexibility and patience. Unfortunately, with age often comes a loss of independence in various ways, and it can be hard to find meaning and purpose. Volunteering or part-time work can bring a much needed sense of self worth. If your loved one’s health is preventing them from those types of social engagements, finding engaging activities will require more creativity.

The article “Tips for Keeping Seniors Busy and Active” has great advice for how and when to intervene but also how to accept when your loved one chooses a behavior you don’t necessarily agree with or think is in their best interest. Although it can be hard to watch your mom, dad or spouse choose isolation over socialization and negativity over happiness, letting go of your desire to control their lives will help your relationship.