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Family Caregiving: Finding Balance

One thing is for certain if you’re a family caregiver–you are not alone. According to the AARP Public Policy Institute and the National Alliance for Caregiving’s 2015 report Caregiving in the U.S., over 34 million U.S. adults have provided unpaid care to an adult aged 50+ in the last year. Many of these caregivers are helping loved ones with chronic physical conditions or memory loss, and few have any professional training or experience providing this kind of care. The report also highlights the tremendous time these caregivers devote to their loved ones–on average caregivers are spending 23 hours per week on caregiving tasks–but many spend nearly twice that. Many of these caregivers are also still employed full or part time, and their caregiving responsibilities require them to take time off of work.

The physical and emotional stress of caregiving often takes its toll on the health of the caregiver. Caregivers often neglect their own doctors appointments and preventive care when they are responsible for caring for a loved one. In addition, healthy eating and exercise can also take a backseat to their loved one’s care. The good news is that we can help! Our trusted team of professional, compassionate caregivers can help share the caregiving load. If you work full or part time or just need some time to care for yourself, our dependable caregivers can give you peace of mind that your loved one is being well taken care of. We would love to help you and your family–give us a call today at 843-628-3642!

Congratulations to Our July Caregiver of the Month!

Jamie-Lee Viera

Home Care Plus would like to recognize Jamie-lee V. as our July Caregiver of the Month. She has been a valued employee with us for nearly 5 years. Jamie-lee is a natural caregiver, and we are so happy to recognize her accomplishments! She consistently upholds
the values and principles Home Care Plus is built upon–she is reliable, responsible and professional.  Jamie-lee is presently working on getting her degree and working night shifts. We at Home Care Plus commend and thank Jamie-lee forall she does!

Choose In Home Care

senior woman in kitchen

As your parents advance in age, you may start to worry about how they are managing on their own. Perhaps you notice little things during visits, like an unkempt house or lawn, unopened mail on the table, expired or little food in the fridge or pantry, that make you realize just how much they are slowing down. You might be used to your mother always having something delicious baking in the kitchen or your dad pruning hedges and playing Mr. Fix-It. The reality that they can no longer keep up with the day-to-day chores of life is shocking to you as their child and almost assuredly unnerving to them.

Many older Americans wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible. It helps maintain their sense of independence and gives them comfort to be in familiar surroundings. How do you balance this desire to age in place with the fact that they simply cannot handle everything themselves and may actually be unsafe attempting to do it alone? A non-medical in-home senior care company like Home Care Plus might be the answer you and your aging parents are searching for. We are licensed and insured, and our professional, certified staff provides a wide range of home care services including:

Personal Care

  • Bathing & hygiene assistance
  • Dressing
  • Assistance with walking and exercise
  • Medication reminders
  • Prompting and mental cueing
  • Safety supervision
  • Meal planning and preparation


  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry and linens
  • Dusting and ironing
  • Making beds

As well as companionship, transportation, pet care and more.

Prior to the start of care, a Registered Nurse will meet with the client and family in the client’s place of residence allowing one-on-one exchange of information regarding the services needed and the services provided.  This time allows for identification of the client’s and his/her support system’s strengths, weaknesses, limitations, objectives and service needs. With the focus on health, psychosocial and environmental factors an individualized plan of care is developed based on the needs identified. This comprehensive plan of care is tailored to fit changing needs and thoroughly reviewed with the client, family members and/or responsible parties. For more information on how we can help you or your loved one, visit the Home Care Plus website.

Why Choose Home Care Plus?

Suzy Kuppens RN BSN

Maybe it happened unexpectedly—a fall led to a hospital stay and suddenly your mom requires constant help once she is discharged—or perhaps you and your parents have discussed it all along and hiring a professional in home care provider was the natural next step to maintaining their independence and keeping them safe in their home for as long as possible. Either way, it is a decision that is not taken lightly by a family. Bringing someone into your or your loved one’s home requires that you put your trust in a home care company to provide professional, dependable, caring help. Suzy Kuppens, a registered nurse and owner of Home Care Plus, drew from her own experience caring for her father, who had Alzheimer’s, in building the organization. Her professional and personal experience shaped her vision for what an in home care company should be—one that provides Family Centered, Quality Senior Care services to their clients and their families. Suzy’s commitment to demonstrating integrity at all times and hiring and retaining compassionate, caring and dependable caregivers who take a sincere interest in helping others sets Home Care Plus apart. Her unique insight into caregiving from the vantage point of both nurse and concerned daughter really lets her relate to families grappling with these tough decisions. When you or your loved one needs a helping hand, look no further than Home Care Plus!




Employee Testimonial: Happy Caregivers Mean Happy Clients

We recently received the following note from one of our caregivers:

“I wanted to tell you that anytime I run into a caregiver that I know (through working in this field), and they are looking for work, I always promote Home Care Plus and tell them how great the place is to work for. Today I ran into a caregiver I know, and she said she was working for a place called Home Care Plus and how great they are, and that they are more organized and professional than any of the other home care companies that she has come across. I told her that I worked for them too, and that I felt the same way. The eRSP system rocks as far as schedules and communication goes, thanks for everything you all do, I am proud to be part of the team at HCP.”

                                                                 -Kris T.

It is always wonderful to hear that our employees enjoy and appreciate the environment they work in and the team they work with. Thank you for your kind words Kris!