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Grow Your Greens!


The warm, sunny days of spring and summer offer the perfect opportunity to get outside and exercise your green thumb. Gardening offers many physical and emotional benefits. Almost everyone’s health could benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables (which are high in fiber and antioxidants), so plant a few of your favorites or expand your horizons and try something new. Being outside helps reduce stress and anxiety, and weeding, planting and tending to your garden keeps you active. A flower garden can brighten your yard and your mood with every colorful bloom that grows.

Gardening doesn’t have to be intimidating, even for novices. Most plants don’t require a lot—just plenty of sunshine, decent soil and regular watering. Tomatoes, basil, squash and greens are great plants for gardening newbies to start with. If you don’t have space in your yard for a traditional garden, tomato plants and herbs like basil, cilantro and rosemary can be grown in containers in a sunny corner of your porch. Just make sure they are convenient to a hose or another water source to make watering easy.

Studies have shown that physical activity decreases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and protects cognitive function. Gardening keeps you active—tilling the soil, spreading mulch, weeding, planting, watering—every little bit of movement helps. Make a plan to visit your local garden store today!

Where Are You With Your Resolutions?

Senior African American Woman Exercising In Park

Remember oh so long ago on January 1st when you set a number of resolutions for yourself for the New Year? Well here it is, the end of February—the perfect time to re-visit whether or not your resolutions are working for or against you. Why did I phrase it like that? Because if your goal was to work out more or lose weight, and you’ve yet to do either 2 months into the New Year, then something isn’t working. Maybe you started out with determination and resolve but after a few weeks lost your motivation. Or maybe you gave up after just one or two half-hearted attempts to make it to the gym. Perhaps a nasty cold or the flu derailed you for a week and you never got back to your healthier habits. Regardless of how it happened, now is a great time to start over or re-double your efforts. Grab a friend or family member with similar goals and hold each other accountable. With Spring (and warmer temperatures and longer days!) right around the corner, it is a lot easier to commit to nightly walks after dinner or a bike ride a few times a week. The supermarkets start to fill up with delicious fruits and vegetables at more affordable prices this time of year. Spring is a time for new growth in nature, so use that as a motivator for your own personal growth.

Finding out exactly why you weren’t able to stick to your resolutions is key to success the second time around. Perhaps you set impossible goals for yourself or your goals weren’t specific enough. It is easier to stick to a plan that doesn’t call for a complete overhaul of your life all at one time. If you don’t work out at all, setting a goal to work out for an hour a day might be a stretch. Start slowly by incorporating three 30 minute physical activities (that you enjoy!) into your week and ramp up as that becomes routine. If your diet needs tweaking, swap out a healthy breakfast or dinner three days a week rather than forbidding all of the food you enjoy. The feeling of accomplishment you get from achieving these smaller goals will spur you towards your ultimate goal and keep you motivated to make more healthy changes along the way!

September Newsletter: Hello Fall!



Our September newsletter has helpful tips on getting more fruits & veggies in your diet along with a listing of local farmer’s markets where you can get the freshest produce and support your local farmers! It also features information on why it might be time to hire in-home care, gardening and lawn tips for fall, local events and much more! Click here to read our September newsletter.