Senior Gift Giving Made Easy!

Choosing a gift for someone you know and love should be easy, right? Then why do we spend hours online or in stores during the holidays trying to find the perfect gift? If you have an elderly family member on your list, gift giving can be that much harder. Perhaps they live with you or in a nursing home and have limited space to put new things. Chronic diseases, mobility issues, poor eyesight or a declining mental state can make it tricky to find something meaningful and worthwhile to give that they can actually use and enjoy.  Save your time shopping and read the ideas below instead!

  •  Many of today’s older Americans wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible. Help them age in place by considering a group gift from you and your siblings/extended family that will make your aging loved one’s home safe and accessible to live in as they get older. You can bring in a company like Adaptive Home Design to assess their needs and provide an estimate of work needed and cost. Companies like Home Care Plus can provide an extra hand during the day or night when your loved one begins to need help around the house, with transportation, and when there are general safety concerns about them being home alone.
  • Gifts that give year round can be a great option. There are so many to choose from—everything from magazine subscriptions to monthly fruit or wine baskets to local weekly CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) which bring farm-fresh fruits and veggies to your loved one’s doorstep. There are a number to choose from in and around Charleston. Visit Lowcountry Local First for a list!
  • Tickets (one for you too!) to local performances, museums or attractions are a great gift. These can be a treat for someone on a limited budget and who may not be able to get out as much as they used too. Another perk of this gift is the quality time you can spend together. Consider their interests and things such as mobility (will they have to walk a lot) and visibility/hearing limitations when booking tickets. The Charleston Tea Plantation, Patriots Point, Footlight Players, Charleston Wine and Food Festival, and Spoleto Festival are all exciting local attractions and events to take them to.
  • Photobooks are a great way to share a year’s worth of experiences with your loved one. They will love looking through the book and reminiscing about holiday get togethers and how big the grandkids are getting.
  • Consider a senior-friendly cell phone to help them stay in touch. Some great options are the Jitterbug, Just 5, and Doro PhoneEasy 410. They will be able to talk to all of their friends and loved ones whenever they want, and you will be able to check-in on them to make sure they are safe. Peace of mind for everyone!

When it comes to gifts, it is always the thought that counts. Realize that even if you don’t pick the perfect present, your loved one will always appreciate the time you spent on them and with them during the holidays.


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