Employee Testimonial: Happy Caregivers Mean Happy Clients

We recently received the following note from one of our caregivers:

“I wanted to tell you that anytime I run into a caregiver that I know (through working in this field), and they are looking for work, I always promote Home Care Plus and tell them how great the place is to work for. Today I ran into a caregiver I know, and she said she was working for a place called Home Care Plus and how great they are, and that they are more organized and professional than any of the other home care companies that she has come across. I told her that I worked for them too, and that I felt the same way. The eRSP system rocks as far as schedules and communication goes, thanks for everything you all do, I am proud to be part of the team at HCP.”

                                                                 -Kris T.

It is always wonderful to hear that our employees enjoy and appreciate the environment they work in and the team they work with. Thank you for your kind words Kris!

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