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Common Caregiver Question: Can a Widow of a Veteran Get Housebound Benefits? provides a great forum for family caregivers to discuss questions and concerns about their loved ones and their experiences as caregivers.

Navigating the world of veterans benefits can be challenging.  As one person on the forum suggests, contacting a patient advocate at your local VA can take the guesswork out of the application process and expedite the approval process. A visit to the VA’s website can also yield helpful information on benefit eligibility.’s forum provides several helpful answers to the question: “Can a widow of a veteran get housebound benefits?”

“Regarding Aid and Attendance Money for veterans and their surviving spouses. I recently went through the process and successfully obtained the money for Mom who now lives in Assisted Living. I started the paperwork the day after she entered assisted living which was July 15. Her first check was deposited Oct 1. Each county should have a VA advocate who at not cost to you will walk you through the process and have the correct paperwork for you. Dad’s discharge papers had to be recorded. That meant that I took his discharge papers to our Recorder in our county and after 45 minutes, I left with the recorded document. Working alongside a VA Advocate is the only way to go. They want you to have the money due you. Do not attempt to get paperwork off the website and think you will be successful. They know the ins and outs with Veteran Affairs and one shot will get it for you. I had heard about all the “horror stories” about trying to get the money and the months of waiting. That only happens when you try to do this on your own. These advocates are there to help you and get it right the first time. They will check your paperwork before you submit it so there are no holdups. The holdups with the VA come when you have not properly filled out the forms.”

“In most cases yes.. Someone needs to gather the DD214 (discharge papers) ,marriage cert, and any other relevant paperwork. And go to a Veteran Service Officer.. they can found thru the DAV,VFW,American Legion etc.. Depending on the city/town you reside there may be a veteran’s office in town or contact your local VA clinic… The above can help fill out and submit the correct forms.. Please don’t expect to hear from them quickly, it can take many months depending on what part of the country you are in. I would send it return receipt so you know when it was rec’d. You should get some acknowledgement from the VA and they may ask for additional paperwork. IF they do, go back the person that helped to make sure all is correct. Good Luck.” is a leading online community that connects people caring for elderly parents to other caregivers, personalized information, and local resources. has become the trusted resource for exchanging ideas, sharing conversations and finding credible information for those seeking elder care solutions. For more information, visit



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