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Drivers Education Isn’t Just for High School Students


There are numerous benefits to taking a driver’s education refresher course as you age, including potential savings on your car insurance. Older drivers may not be aware of traffic laws that have changed in the decades since they’ve taken a course. In addition, these courses can remind everyone of the many distractions that drivers face these days–GPS, cell phones, MP3 players–the list goes on. Older drivers need to be aware of physical changes, such as eyesight or hearing loss, that may affect their ability to be safe on the road. Many medications can have side effects that interfere with a person’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. A driving course highlights the importance of understanding all of the variables that go into safe driving. It may also make it easier for a person to accept that it is time for them to stop driving when the time comes. The more proactive an aging person is and aware of the safety concerns that come with getting older, the more likely they will be to give up their keys without a fight, and more importantly, before someone gets hurt.

For more information visit the AARP’s website.