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Combating Spring Allergies


Spring is in the air, which, more specifically, means pollen is in the air! If you suffer from seasonal allergies it is important to take steps to prevent them before they hit. This means knowing when the pollen season starts in your area (which can be as early as mid-February in Charleston!) and taking your prescription medication then. Other simple steps you can take to protect yourself again pollen and other allergens include wearing a mask while doing yard work when the pollen count is high, using HEPA air filters in your home and vacuum, keeping house and car windows shut, and washing your hair if you have spent time outdoors. If you get the itchy, watery eyes and throat and sneezy, running nose common with allergies but aren’t sure what you are sensitive too, a trip to a skin allergist can help identify the offending substance and discuss treatment options with you. For more information on treating seasonal allergies, read Web MD’s article 5 Ways to Beat Spring Allergies.