We Won’t Leave You Stranded!

One of our Home Care Plus caregivers was on their way to work one day when she had the misfortune of getting a flat tire on the interstate.  While she had someone she could call for help, it would take that person awhile to arrive.  The caregiver called in to let the main office know she would be late for her caregiving appointment.  The Kuppens’, co-owners and managers of Home Care Plus, were worried about the caregiver being stranded on the interstate and took action immediately.  Mr. Kuppens called a tow service and even paid for the service so as not to burden the caregiver with the expense.  In no time at all, help arrived and the caregiver was able to continue to her appointment with only a minor delay.  Mr. Kuppens didn’t think twice about helping out one of his employees, and it is that kind of generosity and concern that Tom and Suzy Kuppens look for in all of the caregivers that join the Home Care Plus team.  You can feel confident that your loved one will be well cared for when you choose Home Care Plus for your caregiving needs.