Above and Beyond


It was lunchtime, and Mr. Smith* was hungry.  Mr. Smith lives alone and suffers from dementia, which means he can’t drive.  He also doesn’t like to cook, so he eagerly looks forward to his visits from his Home Care Plus caregiver each day (every visit starts with lunch!).  Unfortunately, an emergency came up and his usual caregiver was going to be late.  Knowing that Mr. Smith would likely be hungry, Suzy Kuppens, the owner of Home Care Plus, arrived for the daily visit right on time and treated Mr. Smith to lunch.  She then stayed with him until his caregiver arrived.

You can feel safe knowing your loved one is being cared for by the professionals at Home Care Plus and have confidence in the fact that our team (owner included!) always tries to anticipate our clients’ needs.

*Client’s name has been changed