Caregiver Holiday Good Deed

One of our caregivers, Dana J., visits with Ms. R every Thursday for about 30 minutes to put her make-up on.  In addition to visiting with Ms. R, Dana also  visits with Mr. M and  Mrs. C for the rest of the day.  This Thursday, Mrs. C and Mr. M canceled their visit on Thanksgiving to be with their family, which  left Dana with only one 30 minute visit on Thanksgiving Day.  Not only is the visit just 30 minutes, but Ms. R lives over a half-hour away from Dana.  No one would ask Dana to cover such a short visit, but she had already told Ms. R she would be there on Thanksgiving Day to put on her make-up!  Dana has children of her own to care for on Thanksgiving, and she is truly going above and beyond for our client.  We wanted to recognize Dana’s dedication and generosity as well as name her Caregiver of the Month.  Nice job Dana!