It’s Time for Group Workcamps!

If you know of a senior or disabled person in need of an extra hand with projects around the house, take advantage of the volunteer service projects offered by the Group Workcamps Foundation.

During the Group Workcamps’ Week of Hope, which runs from June 18-August 5th, youth volunteers participate in service projects benefitting children, elderly, disabled and those in need.  The volunteers have a chance to grow in their Christian faith through service while being exposed to cross-cultural experiences.  Most importantly, they get to transform people’s lives by providing much needed assistance in the form of hands-on service projects.

The youth service projects range from organizing garages/basements/closets to replacing air filters and light bulbs throughout the house to deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.  Window washing, general lawn maintenance, repairing or painting a fence or screen door, and cleaning gutters are examples of outdoor service projects.  The youth volunteers can also provide companionship—organize photo albums, hear stories, play checkers, go for walks—feel free to suggest a project or activity that is meaningful to you.

If you are or know of someone in need, please contact Christina Bare at for more information.