Client Testimonial: Some Much Needed Sleep!


If someone you love has cancer, your world can turn upside down.  The grueling treatments often leave both the patient and the caregiver exhausted.  This is exactly what happened when Mrs. S’ husband was diagnosed with the disease.  The treatment made her husband weak, and she was too worried to leave his side, especially at night.  Exhausted from lack of sleep, Mrs. S asked her friends and family for a recommendation for nighttime help.  Two separate people referred her to Home Care Plus, and she was grateful they did.  Even though it was a holiday, Suzy Kuppens, co-owner of Home Care Plus, came over the day she called.

When asked what impressed her the most about her experience with Home Care Plus, Mrs. S said, “Everything!  The whole thing was handled beautifully.”  According to Mrs. S and her husband, the caregiver they were assigned was “wonderful.”  “She made him [her husband] very comfortable.  She rubbed his back, legs and feet before he went to sleep and when he awoke.”  Mrs. S says she would not hesitate to call again if the need arises as her husband progresses through his treatments.

Home Care Plus will be there for you whether you need long-term help or just a few nights of good sleep.  Give us a call, we are here to help!