Make Mother’s Day Memorable This Year!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it can be hard to come up with a gift that will be both useful and enjoyable.  Most seniors have enough “stuff” as they’ve had a lifetime to accumulate it!  Here are a few ideas that will show your mom just how thoughtful a person you’ve become:

  1. Netflix subscription:  Your mother will love having an endless supply of both new and classic movies at her fingertips.  Be sure to show her how the process works and make sure she is tech savvy with her DVD player so she can enjoy the gift!
  2. Lawn maintenance:  If you can afford it, hire a lawn care service or neighborhood kid to handle the yard work on a regular basis.  If this is a little out of your budget, offer to help mow the lawn or plant a garden with her favorite flowers for her.
  3. Magazine Subscription:  Does your mom love to cook or decorate?  Find a magazine that focuses on topics she finds interesting and sign her up for a year’s subscription.
  4. Lunch on the town:  If your mom doesn’t have a chance to get out much, she might enjoy the opportunity to dress up and eat at a nice restaurant.
  5. Theater or Music:  Tickets to a performance for you and your mom are another great way to get her out of the house for a fun, entertaining evening.
  6. Kindle:  If your mom loves to read, a Kindle makes a great gift.  Be sure to take the time to show her how to use it if she doesn’t have much technological experience!  Better yet, pre-load it for her with the latest releases from her favorite authors.