Seniors and Social Media: Embracing Technology

Many people have the perception that social media is only for the younger generations, but seniors are fast becoming an influential part of the user base.  A recent study by the Pew Internet Project shows that for people 65+, social media usage has increased from 6% in 2008 to over 30% in 2011.  For many seniors, social media and email allow them to keep in close touch with family and friends.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to see their utilization grow among seniors, with Facebook being the most popular of the two. Facebook allows people to share messages, wall posts, comments and photos, and the visibility of each of these to the public can be set by the user.  Most seniors cite connecting with family and old friends as the main driver behind using Facebook, but many also use it for the photo sharing functionality.

The technology used by social media sites is relatively user-friendly, but it is easy to be intimidated by it at first.  Add in concerns over privacy and information security and it can be a daunting place for newbies.  If you are a senior interested in learning more about computers and social media, check your local senior centers and libraries for classes.  Mt. Pleasant locals can click here for a list of computer classes offered by the Mt. Pleasant Senior Center.

There is no age limit on the internet, so if you’ve been wondering what all the buzz is about, give it a shot!  Don’t be shy about asking your children or grandchildren for help getting started, or take a class to sharpen your computer skills.  You could be just a click or two away from sharing in your family and friends’ lives in a whole new way!