Caregiver Testimonial: An Unexpected Career Change Brings Job Satisfaction

Finding compassionate, qualified caregivers who are passionate about their work is central to our mission here at Home Care Plus.  We were fortunate to have Anita W. join our team as a caregiver last year.   Although she has only been in caregiving for 3 years, she loves what she does, and after being in sales and secretarial positions for years, she says it is the most rewarding career she has ever had.

She finds joy in what she does and strives to make sure her clients’ wishes are met.  Whether that means making sure there are no breadcrumbs in the margarine or the silverware is put away exactly as she found it, she takes pride in making sure her clients are happy.  When asked what is the most challenging thing about the job, Anita replied, “I enjoy it so much it almost doesn’t feel like a job.”  When pressed further, she says, “It takes some time getting used to everybody’s quirks because every household is different and you have to learn to adapt.”  She laughs, “This job has taught me a lot of of patience!”

In terms of emotional challenges, Anita says it is never easy to see one of your clients pass away.  She says, “They become like family to you and you love them like family.”  What has been a pleasant surprise to come from the job?  “I’ve learned to cook new foods and have tried things I’ve never eaten before, such as eggplant and bratwurst and sauerkraut” says Anita.