Client Testimonial: What Happens When You Are the Caregiver and Become Debilitated?

Imagine the responsibility that goes along with being the sole caregiver for your husband, who is suffering from dementia.  Now imagine having to be hospitalized after an accident and in need of surgery.  You aren’t in a position to take care of yourself, let alone your spouse.  Tragically this is exactly what happened to Dhani G.  Her frantic search for a caregiver for her husband led her to Suzy, the owner and manager of Home Care Plus.  Dhani needed someone immediately and didn’t have time to wait for evaluations and the other red tape often required by home care agencies.  Suzy came over to her house and took care of everything.  “Home Care Plus was available on short notice and was very good to me,” said Dhani.  When asked what impressed her most about working with Home Care Plus, Dhani said, “It is difficult for people with dementia to get along with others and it is especially hard for them to get comfortable with strangers.  Tom and Suzy [Kuppens] were extremely accommodating with meeting my husband’s needs when it came to pairing my husband with a caregiver.”  While it took several tries, her husband immediately clicked with Theresa H. and she has been helping care for Dhani’s husband since.

Life can be unpredictable, and if you find yourself in need of a caregiver for yourself or a loved one, you can rely on the competent, dependable, and reliable team at Home Care Plus to be there when you need them.