Hats Off to The Hat Ladies!

So what does it take to be a prestigious hat lady?  Well, for starters it takes a genuine love of hats!  The obvious aside, The Hat Ladies are a group of women of all ages and backgrounds who gather to not only share their love of hats but more importantly their passion for doing good.  You will find these lovely ladies in fashionable hats sharing their goodwill at numerous volunteer functions around Charleston.  One of their many great causes, The Hats of the World Luncheon, came to fruition earlier this year as a way for The Hat Ladies of Charleston to show the world:

  •  hats unite peoples of all cultures and generations and bring them untold joy
  • to reaffirm faith that dignity, worth, and self-esteem of nations as well as individuals can be pulled from a hat
  • to promote social progress and better standards of life thru the right “hatitude”

In other words, The Hat Ladies strive to encourage the wearing of native hats to promote cultural awareness, communication and compassion between all people.  Although this is just one example of how The Hat Ladies give back, the message of self-esteem, kindness, and acceptance (of both people and hats of all colors, shapes and sizes) resonates in all they do.

Archie Burkel, Top Hat, Founder and President of The Hat Ladies LLC, has been wearing her beautiful hats around Charleston since 2001.  What started out as four strangers united by a shared love of hats has evolved into an organization with hundreds of members all striving to do good while looking good in their hats.  Archie is speaking in August at several senior centers around town.  Her talks are guaranteed to give everyone “Something to Hang her Hat On.”  For anyone interesting in joining, she will explain how The Hat Ladies came to be.  For those who think they don’t look good in hats, a lesson in Hat Wearing 101 is also part of the talk.  Everyone will benefit from her life lessons that can be pulled from a hat.

Check our website again soon for the locations, dates & times of Archie’s talks!